04 November 2012

Polish sailor platoon finished

Earlier this week I finished painting my Polish sailor platoon, 12 rifle teams and command team to match the size of my other infantry platoons. The miniatures are Battlefront Soviet Navy infantry, which I modified slightly (mainly using a knife). I also made a couple of headswaps to have a few sailors in the Polish army helmet. Wish I had more leftover infantry to perform more headswaps but this will have to do for now.  The paintjob isn't my best effort, the platoons was pretty much speed painted. The reason is the very dark blue color of the uniform which would need to be painted with lighter highlights to look somewhat interesting. But that would screw up the supposed dark uniform. And since I knew soft highlights would not be distinguishable I put most effort into the details like the hats and ammo belts.

This platoon will simply be treated as a regular Polish infantry platoon for the Piechoty companies or for the KOP /Border Protection Corps. It should prove a welcome addition in any case, boosting my infantry companies to 2 platoons + 1 hmg platoon each. I also have a 3rd AT gun platoon and 8 cavalry HMG teams in the pipeline, but ran out of superglue so assembly of those platoons will have to wait until after the weekend.

Will try to get a game with my new units this weekend so I will hopefully have a few more interesting pictures of the troops "in action" during the next week.


  1. I really like the look of that unit - simple but beautiful.

  2. Thanks, they got their baptism of fire (without fire) today. Ended up doing nothing but blocking a flank. So I really look forward to using them again and give them a proper combat experience.

  3. Thats really a brilliant unit Anatoli, its usual that a nicely painted unit get trounced in their first game, so I thinks its a good omen and will doe well next time.

  4. Love the way this guys look great job


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