25 November 2012

Seadrake (Dreadfleet)

Seadrake is the High Elf warship, accompanied by two dragons which can be used as this ship's auxiliary units. This is the fastest ship of all, and it can almost turn on a penny with its superb handling characteristics. Being equipped with bolt throwers only, the ship can only ever target and kill enemy crew, no other damage can be inflicted. This may sound like crap, but game wise you can only destroy an enemy opponent if you wipe out his crew or reduce the hull to zero.

The guarantee that you inflict a mortal wound each time you score a successful hit as opposed to wearing the enemy down with multiple damage cards that do little but slow him down - is pretty awesome. The ability to turn almost on the spot should also allow the Seadrake to pretty much always deliver its broadsides at the enemy front or rear arc where you get a +1 to hit.


  1. Though honestly, ballistas were used on boats as well as different types of catapults during the antiques and could sink ships with lucky shots. Though I imagine it would be nigh on impossible when dealing with these colossal boats, so, it makes sense in a way.

  2. +2 to hit as best.
    +4 short.
    +1 for rear hit.
    +1 first shot.

    Sadly it's a bit over powered. But it's a thrill playing it if you play games like this cause you like to move around your ships.

    1. @Saaywhu, once it starts taking hits it is on the weak side though. Many of the other ships have sneaky rules that negate stuff, regenerate, discard damage cards etc - this ship doesn't. I think it's a great ship, but you won't see me spearhead an attack with it.


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