21 November 2012

Shadewraith (Dreadfleet)

In my opinion the best sculpt and most interesting miniature in the Dreadfleet box is the pretty normal looking ghostship - the "Shadewraith".

It was quite easy to paint, basecoated it Khemri brown, then drybrushed it with a lighter tone to get some contrast. Then washed it heavily with a mix of Green Ink, Dark Tone, Devlan Mud and Soft Tone colors then highlighted it with white.

I was initially going to leave it as it was with the wash only, but the wash turned out a bit darker than I had anticipated to the highlight was pretty much required. I'm happy I made that highlight though as it looks more interesting and more "painted" than the regular wash only method.

Game wise the ship is capable of making flight moves which is pretty awesome, and it is ethereal so enemy ships only ever hit it by rolling a 6 which is very good. On the other hand it has a pretty weak broadside characteristic and not very impressive close combat abilities. I think this ship is best used to make hit and run attack and to harass the enemy rather, maybe even screen friendly ships to reduce the incoming broadside rather than use it as a proper battleship.

Even though it may be a weak ship it is still my favorite one


  1. seeing those ships makes me want to play the game ;-)

  2. That is a take on the ghostly paint scheme I've not considered. Very nice indeed!


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