24 November 2012

Skabrus (Dreadfleet)

The Skaven warship in the game is a rotting seamonster carcass turned into a hamsterwheel powered motorship. Lined with warp lightning cannons that ignore enemy armour thus being excellent at taking out the Dwarf ship in particular. Each ship and captain in the game has a background story, the Skaven ship is perhaps the most entertaining to read. A Skaven fleet was lured towards this seamonster and then pretty much eaten by it - swallowed whole. The Skaven crew put up  a fight inside the intestines of the monster trying to eat and claw their way out to freedom but in the end they all suffocated from the acidic fumes. Though the seamonster died from the internal injuries as well.

Washed up the carcass was found by count Noctilus who thought it would make a nice addition to his undead fleet - so he resurrected the monster unknowingly resurrecting the dead Skaven as well. And long story short these undead Skaven were swayed to serve him in exchange for all the warpstone they craved.

The miniature itself is quite nice and has a lot of detail, especially inside the seamonster carcass where you get to paint all the guts, hamster wheel propulsion and such - the not so funny thing is that 95% of the internal stuff isn't visible after you have placed the two gun decks and the spine with the flag over the gaping hole. That was a waste of painting time and makes no sense at all. My advice would be to leave the insides undercoated black and just paint the tongue and rear wound since that is all you see anyway.


  1. I love this model by its self.
    But hate that it's a "Skaven" ship. For me atleast its a Nurgle one. But well well. Great painting as always.


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