10 November 2012

The Bloody Reaver painted up

The floating fortress of Dreadfleet admiral and vampire Count Noctilus. Took me 2 very long painting sessions to get this one done, halfway through I was already fed up with painting it so had to continue on sheer willpower. The model itself grew on me towards the end because I always found the two capitol ships of Dreadfleet funny and somewhat ugly compared to the other more normal looking ships.

Of course the model design is such that you have to paint everything in pieces in order to be able to paint it somewhat OK. Another reason for this approach is simply because you don't know what will be visible and what will be obscured once it is all put together. Thus the "Noctilus" text on one of the sails is pretty much obscured and was a waste of time unless you scrutinize the miniature from a very specific angle.

This was without doube one of the most difficult to paint models I have ever painted, mainly due to the tiny scale of many of the detail (having detail-brushes that were failing didn't help either).

I will start assembling and working on the "Heldenhammer" next.


  1. Lovely paint job!
    The details on those three main sails look very cool, and it fact its a pity the last one stays a bit hidden.

  2. Nice, I like the colour scheme that you painted this in


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