29 November 2012

The Flaming Scimitar (Dreadfleet)

The Flaming Scimitar is the Araby ship captained by the "Golden Magus". The ship on its own and the captain is very bad. To balance things up the Flaming Scimitar has access to various elementals that can summoned at the start of the turn, such as the Wind Elemental to increase the movement rate of the ship and which also alters the wind direction. The Fire Elemental that counts as an additional flaming attack that can set enemy ships on fire. And then there are the Water elementals that help patch up damage to the hull.

Only one type of elemental can be used in a single turn though, and in the end this is the worst ship in the Grand Alliance as I can't think of a clear role for this ship compared to the other ships that each have their own distinct specialty. I guess it could be used together with the "Grimnir's Thunder" in which case you have two ships that are able to shoot fire projectiles - and use them to max out the chance to set enemy ships ablaze.

The miniature was quite fun to paint, I guess one of the easier one's not counting the Shadewraith. The only thing that frustrated me was the worn out brushes I have - I need to buy new one's but there isn't a local store that sells the brand of brushes I used to buy anymore... The alternative was always to buy the brushes from Maelstrom Games but they went bankrupt and I don't trust the new Eye of the Storm store.


  1. Another very nicely painted ship despite the brushes starting to decline. Excellent detail work and every thing looks fantastic really.

  2. Getting better and better, love the way they look lined up next to one another.


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