01 December 2012

Curse of Zandri (Dreadfleet)

The Tomb Kings ship, "Curse of Zandri" painted up and ready for play. A rather small ship compared to the others in the box, basically a floating sarcophagus. Armed with bolt throwers, catapults and some kind of crystal that can fire incinerating beams - making this ship the only bad guy able to set enemy ships ablaze with a special attack.

The undead captain of this ship also has a really good swashbuckling value making him a dangerous opponent in captain duels during boarding actions.


  1. Would had loved to see some of these ships painted with NMM (none metallic metal) instead of the metallic colors. Saw that you commented that on the Dwarfship and I cant keep thinking about how cool they would had looked if you did it :)

  2. Really nice. Love the scrollwork you did on this bad boy.

  3. Great work; a very sinister looking result. :)


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