08 December 2012

Gladiator: 2 shorts fights AAR

I ran a few games of Warhammer Historical's "Gladiator" while testing additions to the version 2.0 house rules which you can find HERE. I used the proposed matchups of gladiator classes provided in the Gladiator rulebook.

The first one was between the Retiarius and Secutor. All games were ran at a basic "Tyro" level without skills or perks.

Turn 1 Retiarius initiative
Both gladiators move forward, the Retiarius remains at a net throwing range.

Turn 2 Secutor initiative
The Secutore grabs the initiative and charges the Retiarius fumbling with his net, going for a high stab the Secutor violently smashes his Gladius over the head of the Retiarious - breaking the visor and reducing the protective properties of the helmet. The Retiarius stumbles backwards.

Turn 3 Secutor initiative
The Secutor follows up his attack with another charge, this time the Retiarius wins and too opts for a high stab, hitting the splint mail of the Secutor weapon arm. The Secutor is pushed back blood dripping from his sword arm, now weakened and in pain.

Turn 4 Retiarius initiative
Hoping to finish off his opponent the trident armed gladiator makes another leap forward, the Secutor proceeds to take up a defensive stance using his shield for maximum protection and successfully bounces off the incoming trident.

Turn 5 Retiarius initiative
Preparing his net the Retiarius throws it and hits his target, entangling the body of the Secutor, who is then dragged trashing into contact with another trident attack - miracoulesly the Secutor manages to parry despite being at a great disadvantage.

Turn 6 Retiarius initiative
The Secutor manages to cut away the net just in time to receive another attack from his enemy, trying to use his shield to block the incoming blow fails and the trident once again scores a hit towards the weapon arm of the Secutor. Defeated he appeals to the crowd, and barely makes it out alive
(2d6 roll of 6+ 3 for being a Tyro +1 for having scored a wound).

The Retiarius leaves the arena in triumph.

Second game was an extremely short and violent clash between a Hoplomachus and a Dimachaerus.

Turn 1 Hoplomachus initiative
Both fighters move towards each other, avoiding to end up within charge range just yet.

Turn 2 Hoplomachus initiative
As the Dimachaerus comes into range he is charged by the leaping attack of the Hoplomachus, trying to parry the incoming spear with his dual Gladius swords fails and the Hoplomachus scores a hit injuring the left leg of the Dimachaerus.

Turn 3 Dimachaerus initiative
Limping back one pace, the Dimachaerus launches himself in vengeance at his enemy slicing and stabbing with both swords, scoring a slashing wound towards the chest area of the spear armed opponent.

Turn 4  Hoplomachus initiative
Not late to return the favor, the Hoplomachus launches another spear attack, the attack is expected and parried expertly in such a way that the attacked receives a high stab that injury to his shield arm and becomes defeated.

The appeal to the crowd is passed with ease, the crowd must have been pleased by the ferocity of the short lived fight as the Hoplomachus rolls 15 (11+3 for being Tyro +1 for scoring 1 wound).


  1. Making me want to pull my Gladiators out and finish painting them!

  2. Very nice! A great fight,

  3. ... I didnt think a game with just two models could seem enjoyable. You sir have made it look like fun. Just out of interest, how tactical is the game and are models really all that nessisary to play with when 1v1... Id imagine it would just be move them into base to base combat and thats about it. Dont get me wrong, the games mechanics sound fun but 1v1 it dosnt seem all that important to have models.

    1. True about 1vs1 fights, the models could become more important if you will the arena with stakes and other obstacles to make it slightly more interesting. At least if it's the case with two fully close combat oriented Gladiators.

      Team fights and fights where chapions of the arena are involved are more tactical and from a gamers perspective more interesting.

    2. Are there rules for gladiators being chained together like in gladiator the film? That could lead to some interesting scenarios. Especially with weak and strong paired. and what of chariots. I know not necessarily a historicaly accurate film it did turn up a whole load of fun tabletop scenarios. Sorry for bad typing I on my tablet

    3. Look forward to more of these It's become a minor obsession since Rome 2 total war was announced. Loved 1 and been replaying it and revived my love f all things roman.

  4. There are rules for staged sea battles with gladiators on tiremes, chariot racing, mounted gladiators, a whole roster of animals and a bunch of scenarios. The rulebook is truly great when it comes to using it as a source material and having the profiles, and even for inspiration. It's the rules themselves that aren't really up on the same level.

    There are no rules for chained together gladiators, but you can simulate that easily enough by enforcing base contact coherency.


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