15 December 2012

Gladiator: Competition between Ludi part 2 of 3

So to illustrate how the Competition between Ludi campaign would work I staged two fights.

The two Lannistas, Batiatus and Solonius drafted the following teams:


Myrmillo with 2-handed battle axe
2x Noxii Slave teams

The first fight called for 3 vs 3 gladiator profiles. The first fight was between a Thracian, Velite and Hoplomachus belonging to Batiatus. Solonius provided a Gallus, Crupellarius and a Noxii slave team.

Turn 1 Team Batiatus initiative
Both sides move towards each other, the Velite tries to throw a javelin at the Gallus but misses the mark.

Turn 2 Team Batiatus initiative
Hoplomachus charges the Gallus, intercepting him before the crazed barbarian can attack the Velite. The Thracian moves up and protects the back of the Hoplomachus, receiving the charge from the Noxii slave team.

Meanwhile the Velite circles the fight and makes sure to stay at a safe distance from the Crupellarius, who moves towards him at a steady albeit slow pace. Throwing a Javelin at the heavily armoured enemy, the Velite misses the mark once again.

The Gallus and Hoplomachus fight it out, the Gallus wins and scores a chest wound on the spear armed gladiator and pushes him away. At the same time the Thracian fights both the slaves, wins the fight and slashes the arm of the shield armed slave - only inflicting a shallow flesh wound.

Turn 3 Team Batiatus initiative
The Velite makes another attempt at throwing a Javelin at the Crupellarius, the Javelin flies past the Crupellarius and hits the Gallus in the shield, failing to do any damage.

The Hoplomachus and Gallus draw and both back out to take a breath before plunging back into the fight. In the fight between the Noxii slave and the Thracian the slave manages to score a hit with his shield, bashing the gladiator over his helmet but doing no damage.

Turn 4 Team Solonius initiative
The Crupellarius charges the cornered Velite and slashes him open with his sword, as the Velite raises his hand in an appeal to the crowd he gets the thumbs down and is put to the sword. The Hoplomachus jabs his spear into the stomach of the Gallus, wounding his enemy.  The Thracian manages to win the fight and slashes a flesh wound towards the sword arm of the gladius armed slave then pushes both his foes back.

Turn 5 Team Batiatus initiative
Hoplomachus presses his enemy further by winning another attack, and once again the spear stabs the Gallus, this time in the shield arm, defeating the Gallus who manages to appeal to the crowd and is spared.

The Thracian too does well, winning his fight and slashing the gladius armed Noxii slave over the face. The wounded slave fails his appeal to the crowd and is killed.

Turn 6 Team Solonius initiative
The Crupellarius moves forward and the remaining slave runs to take cover at his side. This doesn't help as the incoming charge from the Hoplomachus skewers him, and his appeal goes unheard. This leaves the Crupellarius alone, currently fighting the Thracian who wins the fight but fails to wound the heavily armoured gladiator.

Turn 7 Team Solonius initiative
The Crupellarius now fighting with two opponents becomes hard pressed. His low skill makes it hard for him to beat both his opponents, but at least his heavy armour keeps bouncing the incoming blows and stabs.

Turn 8 Team Batiatus initiative
The barrage of blows only mange to push the Crupellarius back further towards the arena wall.

Turn 9 Team Solonius initiative
The Crupellarius manages to stop the retreat and pushes his two opponents back.

Turn 10 Team Solonius initiative
The Crupellarius manage to beat the Hoplomachus but receives a blow from the Thracian which wounds his shield arm and pushes him back once again.

Turn 11 Team Batiatus initiative
Another round of beating metal against metal.

Turn 12 Team Batiatus initiative
Finally the Thracian once again scores a hit, this time to the weapon arm and with enough force to wound the Crupellarius. Defeated the heavily armoured gladiator fails to appeal to the crowd and is finished off.

Team Batiatus wins.

Revenue Batiatus 460 Sestertii
Revenue Solonius 140 Sestertii

Thracian level up to Spectatii, gains +1 Constantia and "Human shield" perk
Hoplomachus level up to Spectatii, gains +1 Constantia and "Shield proficiency" perk

Gallus survived his injuries, and regained 1 wound over at the Medicus. Will only have 1 wound in the next fight.

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