16 December 2012

Gladiator: Competition between Ludi part 3 of 3

In this second fight both Lannista's had to provide 6 gladiators each.

Team Batiatus draft

Team Solonius
Gallus (with 1 wound)
Myrmillo with 2-handed battle axe
Noxii slave team

Turn 1 Initiative team Solonius
The Batiatus side spreads out with the ranged weapon specialists trying to cover the flanks. The Dimachaerus charges the two slaves, the Hoplomachus attacks the Provocator. Both the Sagittarius and the Gaetulian fails to hit their targets, a stray arrow hits the Gallus but inflicts no wound.

In the close combat the Provocator wins and damages the helmet of the Hoplomachus, injuring his opponent in the process. The Dimachaerus divides his attacks between the two slaves, wins the fight and defeats the shield armed slave as the gladius hits home. The slave passes his appeal to the crowd and leaves the arena.

Turn 2 Initiative team Solonius
The Scissori charges the Thracian, Gallus charges the Secutor, the Myrmillo armed with the two handed battle axe and Provocator team up against the Hoplomachus.

The Retiarius throws his net at the Dimachaeurus, hitting him and entangling him badly, then drags him into base contact. The remaining slave rushes forwards to help the Retiarius against the entangled foe. Both ranged weapon gladiators fail to hit anything with their weapons.

In the dusty chaos of the close combat the stabbing of Trident and Gladius somehow fails to wound the entangled Dimachaeurs who can't even fight back!  The Scissori hits the enemy Thracian with the slashing blade, but does no damage, nearby the Gallus goes down from a well placed blow to the head - but the barbarian once again succeeds in making his appeal to the crowd and gets to leave alive.

Fighting two opponents the Hoplomachus manages to keep them at bay, and thrusts his spear into the visor of the Provocator.

Turn 3 Initiative team Batiatus
Despite being reduced to Disciplina 1 from freeing himself from the net the Dimachaerus somehow miraculously manages to defeat his two foes and makes a slashing attack towards the chest with no effect. The Hoplomachus jabs his spear at the Provocator and wounds him, pushing both the Provocator and the Myrmillo back. The Sagittarius lines up another shot and shoots the remaining enemy slave straight in the back, dropping the enemy who fails appeal to the crowd.

A dirty kill that will prevent the Sagittarius from making any appeals if he becomes defeated himself.

Turn 4 Initiative team Batiatus
A whole lot of nothing happens this turn, all hits from swords and arrow fail to wound anyone.

Turn 5 Initiative team Solonius
Sagittarius wounds the Retiarius by hitting from afar, the Gaetulian fail to wound the Provocator with his last dart. Both ranged weapon specialists are out of ammo and must continue the fight with their swords.

The Thracian wound the Scissori and the Hoplomachus defeats the Provocator who fail his appeal to the crowd.

Turn 6 Initiative team Batiatus
The Secutor finishes of the Scissori, who passes his appeal to the crowd, the Retiarius scores a hit with the trident towards the head of the Dimachaerus and inflicts a wound. Hoplomachus inflicts a stomach wound on the Myrmillo.

Turn 7 Initiative team Solonius
Myrmillo fail to injure Hoplomachus, and in the ongoing fight the Sagittarius decides to charge and defeats the Retiarius in close combat - putting his gladius throw his opponents throat as the appeal to the crowd goes unheard.

Turn 8 Initiative team Batiatus
The Secutor wounds the defeats the Myrmillo, who appeals to the crowd and lives. Probably because he ended up fighting the entire enemy team during his last moments in the arena.

Team Batiatus wins, Solonius loses his Scissori, Gallus and the remaining slave during the Medicus phase as the wounds of these gladiators become infected. With only 1 Gladiator left he concedes defeat.

Team Batiatus levels up Sagittarius ("Fit"), Dimachaerus ("Safe Bet") and Secutor ("Safe Bet").


  1. Wow, you are making me want to pick up a few extra gladiators and paint them up! my gladiator project is on the shelf right now.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love all of the Gladiator stuff that you have been posting on the blog! Keep it coming! It's really got me in the mood to paint up some gladiators and host my own thrilling games! Consider me a follower!

    On a side note... It would be cool to make rules for zombies and werewolves, to add a fantasy element to the game, and to spice things up here and there!!

    1. It has crossed my mind, but other projects kept me busy from making something of those ideas.

    2. Fair enough my friend! I am off to reserve the Gladiator Rulebook at my local book store tomorrow, they seem to have some stock left, but I hope I can get my hands on it because it has now been deemed out of print!


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