10 December 2012

Gladiator: Damned to the arena

While waiting for my brushes to arrive to mail (hopefully early next week, fingers crossed) I was in no mood to continue painting the tiny Dreadfleet details and instead shifted focus back to Gladiator. I still had a couple of Crusader Miniatures gladiators in my lead pile for that game and decided to paint some up.

Started with the blister of slaves damned to fight in the arena (really adds a lot to have some arena fodder, and I really need to get some wild animals as well). The blister really shines with its Maximus and Juba lookalikes, but the two reluctant/in despair fighters are also very nice.

I figure I will use these guys to fight in pairs, and force a base to base coherency until one fighter is killed. One fighter armed with a gladius, the other with a small shield which can be used to bash enemies (as written in my house rules).


  1. Thanks, and I got my new brushes in the mail today (yay!) so the quality of things will be back to normal soon.

  2. Those look great. Have fun with the new brushes!


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