07 December 2012

Gladiator house rules enhanced & improved (v.2.0)

I spent the afternoon looking over my Gladiator house rules for Warhammer historical's "Gladiator". There were a few things I were not happy with, which I have now re-worded. I also added my take on the Retiarius/Net rules and a few other additions to the skill and perks list which should provide added value.

I also did some testing of a few new ideas, most of which I ended up scrapping since they made the game too complex and at times confusing. This is after all a "Beer & Pretzels" game at heart, the additions are only meant to add some additional layers without reworking the formula.

I still have a bunch of gladiators to paint, and I figure that I will paint some alongside the remaining Dreadfleet stuff I still need to get done.

Perhaps this can keep me from buying the Spartacus boardgame as I have too many baordgames and not enought time and opportunity to play them all as it is.

I will post a few AAR's from the test games I ran with the v.2.0 rules over the next couple of days.

To download the PDF, follow the link, click on "archive" and then "save as" to save it to your hard drive.

Full color download

Printer friendly download


  1. You sir are a legend, these are great updates to the basic rules. The first time we played I think we made half of the rules up as we couldn't quite work out what the book was suggesting in certain circumstances...

    1. Thanks, and yes I know what you mean. In some cases the rules just trail off seemingly in the middle of explaining how something works. Hope you enjoy using the additions in your games :-)

      When time allows it, I figure I will write down some sort of campaign structure as well since I think that is almost crucial for this game.

  2. Great stuff. I was wondering if you had ever played around with some of the weapons in the book to add some spice? Like the sica for example- like maybe give it a re-roll to wound or to hit to represent it getting around the shield with its curved blade?
    Just to take some of the vanilla out of the rules of the different gladiators...

    1. Thanks :-)

      No I didn't get that far, there was pretty much zero interest for Gladiator stuff within my gaming group so I had no people to play it with...

  3. That's too bad- I have some players that sound into it but trying to decide whether to use gladiator- red sand black moon or morituri te salutant. They all have bits I like.
    I dig your changes to gladiator and I'm experimenting with the idea that the wounds characteristic is not cumulative with wounds from around the body but that only wounds to the head or "body"(chest,back,stomach) will kill- all other areas (arms-legs) will just pile on penalties to movement,strength, toughness until the wounds number has been matched at that area at which point you lose use of it.


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