09 December 2012

Gladiator: Myrmillo vs Thracian AAR

Third and last game was a classic pairing of a Myrmillo against a Thracian.

As in previous cases both gladiators were rated at Tyro level and had no additional skills or perks.

Turn 1 Thracian Initiative
Both gladiators move forwards.

Turn 2 Myrmillo Initiative
Moving swiftly against his opponent the Myrmillo launches a high stab, which smashes the enemy helmet, but no damage is done. The Thracian backs away to regain his footing.

Turn 3 Myrmillo Initiative
Keeping up with his retreating opponent the Myrmillo now makes another high stab, which is deflected by the shield of the Thracian.

Turn 4 Myrmillo Initiative
Hard pressed by the Myrmillo, the Thracian receives another blow from his enemy, this time slashing the shield arm of the defender.

Turn 5 Thracian Initiative
Retaliating the Thracian jumps at his enemy making a stabbing motion which is in turn deflected by the Myrmillo shield.

Turn 6 Thracian Initiative
Another Thracian attack is bounced harmlessly off the Myrmillo helmet,  the opponent is under a lot of pressure now.

Turn 7 Thracian Initiative
The Thracian bypasses the deflecting sword and shield of his opponent and the tip of his sword grazes the chest of the Myrmillo, but fails to cause any lethal harm!

Turn 8 Thracian Initiative
Keeping up the barrage of sword blows the Thracian now smashes the Myrmillo over the helmet, violently breaking the visor.

Turn 9 Myrmillo Initiative
A brief counterattack is made by the Myrmillo who waves his sword against the head of his opponent but fails to do anything.

Turn 10 Thracian Initiative
In return the Thracian once again aims towards the unprotected chest area of his enemy, but is once again slightly out of reach, making another flesh wound.

Turn 11 Thracian Initiative
Another Thracian blow lands on the Myrmillo shield arm, which deflects the blow.

Turn 12 Thracian Initiative
Trying a different approach the Thracian scores a low slash but the sword is stopped by the Myrmillo leg armor.

Turn 13 Myrmillo Initiative
Having been pounded and beaten around the arena the Myrmillo finally seizes initiative and strikes his opponent over the head, breaking the helmet of his enemy. The Thracian is finally defeated, but survives the appeal to the crowd (7+3 for being Tyro +1 for scoring a wound).


  1. Nice! Love the shield with the hack marks!

  2. Woow! Those blood markers look really awesome! How did you make them?


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