11 December 2012

Gladiator: Tigris of Gaul arena champion

This is yet another miniature from Crusader Miniatures that is clearly inspired by the movie "Gladiator", I posted Maximus in full armour a while back, and Maximus and Juba as they looked in their first fight in the Marrakech arena. This miniature is that of "Tigris of Gaul", the big lion themed gladiator, it would be great to have some lions as well to simulate the constricted fighting area and the potential danger of being pushed into the claws of a hungry beast.

I tried to paint this miniature as close as I could to the look he has in the movie, this was also the last miniature painted with my old worn out brushes (yay!). Left in my lead pile are a bunch of veteran gladiators with more ornate helmets and armour, basically upgraded version of the Thracian, Myrmillo, Dimachaerus and Hoplomachus. I also have "Commodus" as he appeared in "Gladiator" and who I plan to paint in his white ornate armour.

The interesting thing about Commodus is that he is covered in the Gladiator rulebook with multiple profiles, I've been making up stats for my arena champions as I saw fit and also gave them perks and skills that felt related to their character. I'll post my stats and profiles once Commodus is painted up as he is the last champion of the arena type gladiator I have left to paint.


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