03 December 2012

September Campaign v.2.1.1 update

Another update, thanks to my buddy David who pointed out that  top armour 0 tanks cannot properly assault - which would make the Soviet tanks extremely nerfed. It seems that the new version 3 rules of Flames of War has made top armour 0 extremely useless and unable to assault if you took hits in defensive fire, which was not my intention.

I based the stats of all vehicles in the book on actual armour thickness and comparison with tanks in the Blitzkrieg book, hence whenever the armour was below 10mm I rated it as zero and so on. I didn't consider that the game mechanics created a weird anomaly that had nothing to do with actual armour thickness. As such I have now given top armour 1 to all tanks, and all heavy armoured vehicles.

Some of you may also wonder what the hell happened to the campaign section "Poland in Flames". It is half finished but I pretty much stopped working on it mid October because of personal reasons – mainly being distracted by looking for a job, a task that is just soul draining. I haven’t been in the mood neither have I had the energy to work on the book since then. I still want to (and will) finish it, it’s just that it takes a LOT of time writing on the books and I can’t spare time as much as I could during the summer months when I was working on the September Campaign v.2 OoB.

In any case, you can find the updated v.2.1.1 in the September Campaign v.2 post (I always update the same post with new links). As usual there is the full color and the printer friendly version without backrounds.

And as usual you can discuss the book, changes etc over at the WWPD forum in this thread: http://forum.wwpd.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3962

1 comment:

  1. Well the top armour 0 rule ain't new.
    My Panzer.Späh got TA0 on most units it's a challange to play but defenitly not useless.
    But I do belive that the intention of Top armour 0 is meant for armoured cars and not tanks at all.
    ALl "Real" tanks got top armour 1, all really heavy 2. Armoured cars and stuff like that 0.


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