11 January 2013

Brink of Battle, testing new "horror" traits

Received a document with a few new character traits for Brink of Battle written by Robert Faust, author of said rules. The new profiles make it possible to theme the game with horror elements mainly inspired by Lovecraft stories (monster driving people insane with their presence).

So i gave them a quick test with my friend David down at the club, a small game with roughly 300 points per side game. I played human investigators trying to hunt down the evil worshippers of some kind of monstrosity, and David played the cultists and monsters.

Some of the new rules are really scary, basically if you get within a certain range of a monster you are no longer able to normally activate your characters. They are frozen stiff by terror, and can only defend themselves in close combat. For the sake of trying the rules to the max I charged two such monsters to see how it would affect my gang, and ended up having 4 out of 7 characters locked down this way. You really just want to shoot those monsters from afar if you can.

The game ended with one of my investigators getting shot by a cultist rifleman and my gang dropped a cultist with a pistol shot. Then my leader was killed in close combat with the enemy leader who was a tentacled monster freak bashing my skull in with his staff - which made the rest of my gang to run away in uncontrolled panic. It was a fun game, and to be honest I had not even considered Brink of Battle for "Gothic Horror/Lovecraft" games at all up until now.


  1. Sounds like a fun experiment, but perhaps not so much fun to play if your characters freeze in terror all the time.

    Back to Strange Aeons?

  2. Actually Paul, the feedback I received from Alex caused me to re-evaluate my first draft of the traits I sent him. As a result I have altered and revised those traits to not be so damn wicked! :) Plus, there are a slew of new traits and powers in the forthcoming fantasy supplement that will allow you to add monsters and magic to any 'historical' period thereby allowing you to do Pulp Horror, Gothic Horror, Modern Horror, Weird West, Weird War 2, and traditional fantasy games.

  3. And thanks for trying these out Alex!

    1. I have another game planned, and made new lists for 400 points on each side. Just don't know whether it will be played today or during the coming week yet, depends on my other friend who was interested in trying it out.

    2. Sounds great. You might want to download the Campaign pack from the Strategic Elite Facebook group in the files section. That has the updated Abomination rules and a heapin' helping of other Traits & Gear to play around with.


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