09 January 2013

Dungeon Lords boardgame session

This is probably one of the most liked games by my boardgame group, and I too think it is a superb game. It's just crazy how deep this game is in terms of various tactics, player choice based upon your own needs, player choice based upon how other people played their last turn, short and long term goals and trying to avoid getting your dungeon raided by high level adventurers while trying to max out your dungeon size and monster residents around the various upkeep phases.

It's a game with a very steep learning curve since everyone needs to know exactly how everything works prior to playing the game, but once you learn it the game itself is quite simple - but really damn good.
Here are some pics from our latest gaming session, playing the game on 4 players which is recommended.

For those interested in this game, I made a review a while back, you can find it in the boardgame review section.


  1. Looks very much enjoyable - and welcome back, Anatoli!

  2. Thanks Thomas,

    Yes this game is one of those resource management games with a great twist and hilarious theme. It also looks very goofy with the silly artwork and monsters but is surprisingly advanced once you get past the surface. It's also a game that I think has endless replay value.

  3. Sounds a lot of fun. I loved the PC game Dungeon Keeper, and your post has actually got me to go buy Overlord...
    I may check this board-game out too, though am put off a little by your comments about it being a little complicated to get to grips with initially?
    What age range is it recommended from?

    1. It's 2-4 players and ages 12+ according to the box.

      The game actually features mechanics to fill "empty seats", so in reality you always play with "4 players", something that is necessary because of the bidding for various recourses on the limited marketplace in the game.

      The game also has 4 tutorial boards and walkthrough guides to the combat part of the game which occurs at the end of each in-game year. This helps when you explain the different aspects, and really - everything is printed on the boards that everyone has for their dungeon, so once you know what is what, the order of things is very easy to follow and after 1-2 turns one should be up to speed.

    2. Thank you for the info :-)


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