23 January 2013

Empire of the Dead: Blissful ignorance scenario AAR

This weekend I also introduced Empire of the Dead to my friend Thomas, he has the rules but had not yet played a game. So I put together lists of roughly 150 shillings (starting point for a campaign) and used the contents of the Gentlemen's Club and Vampire starting boxes  which have everything you need (and reach the starting points with no problem) and that is a rare thing when it comes to starting boxes.

The lists were

Gentlemen's Club
President with light pistol
Vice President with light pistol
2x Membership with hunting rifles
2x Membership with heavy pistols
1x Membership with light pistol

Vampire clan
Graf with sword
Consort with knife
Guardian with sword
1x Thrall with light pistol
2x Thrall with hunting rifles

The scenario was "Blissfull ignorance", a fun scenario where the game uses civilians wandering about the table - not knowing that they are about to get attacked by the forces of evil. As my gang was "evil" and Thomas Gentlemen "good" our objectives were to kidnap/rescue as many civilians off the table while trying to prevent the other player to achieve his goal. Each kidnapped/rescued civilian was worth 5 shilling in victory points (and as usual extra points for inflicting casualties/surviving the scenario).

We rolled to see what time of the day the game would be played at, I was hoping to win and use the cover of darkness where my vampires would be a lot stronger - but Thomas won that roll and we played during the daylight hours.

What followed was a fun game, initially the Gentlemen ran up and grabbed hold of a bunch of civilians and started leading them to safety, I had to run after them and try to disrupt their little rescue by shooting with rifles and pistols, then I too grabbed hold of a few people and started dragging them to my lair.

Midgame things looked pretty even, Thomas had managed to save 5 out of 10 people but had lost a couple of Gentlemen to my Graf, Bat Swarms, and rifle fire - but I was only now starting to extract my kidnap victims and Thomas had his whole gang focused upon preventing this from happening. My Consort was shot and bled out, both Bat Swarms were destroyed and one of my gypsy Thrall's also bit the dust.

In the end, and despite panicking civilians running towards my edge and villains (due to random direction rolls) I only managed to kidnap 2 people, then my remaining clan started to panic due to losses and ran away one after another, releasing the kidnap victims just inches from my own table edge!

It was a fun game, and as me and Thomas think alike we both agreed that it would be fun to have like a 19th century map of London and divide it into districts to fight over (or maybe even a Gothic horror version of gangs of New York type of deal in New York). I think when playing a campaign that would add a lot of "progress" to your campaign game beside the leveling up of characters. The only problem is that we really lack city terrain for this period. However - if you take the idea of a "regional map" you could just as easily make it something like a Sleepy Hollow setting out in the rural outback.


  1. Very interesting.
    Do you think it would raise difficulties to play it with 18th C. miniatures?

    1. None at all, but it would decrease the amount of "semi modern" and experimental "steampunk" weapons from the rosters.

  2. Maybe one could give the stats of the 'steampunk' weapons to 'lacepunk' ones -hand fire syphons, galvanic muskets, Puckle's submachineguns :-)

    1. That would possibly solve the problem, yes. I'm not that well read on lacepunk but your examples sound reasonable. The core rules also aren't tied to any specific period as such - and I recall some people thinking about a "13th warrior" type of setting with Vikings instead of Gentlemen in 19th century London.

  3. Nice post with some great pictures. Always fancied Empire of the Dead, but not gotten round to picking the rulebook up yet. Enjoyed your posts on the game.

    1. Thanks Vladdd, I admit I try to give my collection of games a decent rotation, but the guys at the club are mostly focused on 15mm Flames of War so that is what I end up playing most of the weekends. This weekend however I made an effort and hauled a bag of terrain and an army case of miniatures with the sole purpose of playing 28mm "horror".

      Because of the numerous people walking around and talking about off-topic subjects wargaming can sometimes be difficult and frustrating down at the club. Games that require a bit more focus and involvement such as By Fire & Sword tend to have their flow ruined by curious bystanders.

      While showing off different games is good promotion, it is a double edged sword when you yourself are looking for some good and uninterrupted gaming. Something that should take 1 hour suddenly takes 2 1/2...

  4. Great looking game, ths game just shows you don't need to set each game in London! Well done.

  5. the rules floats my boat and skirmish horror gaming in a campaign format is always wellcomed.

    @anatoli: i have eight mdc buildings perfect for 19th century london. six from sarissa and two from micro art studios. add a few walkways and we´re up and running.

    1. Sounds great, maybe we can get some use of those wooden fences as well and run the Jack the Ripper scenario :-D


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