29 January 2013

EotD: Angry looking dandy and shopkeeper

Two more miniatures from the London Civilians blister, one is a pedestrian walking (and looking quite angry) the other is a shopkeeper waving his fist in the air and probably yelling something along the lines "you darn kids!".

I really like these kind of "simple" miniatures, models that really don't do anything special and look quite regular. It allows you to focus more on the paintjob rather than worry about painting numerous details. Sometimes I feel in the mood to experiment a little with patterns and colors on this kind of models since they often have large empty areas of clothing. In this case I had re-watched "Gangs of New York" to get some inspiration for the clothing, not very happy with how the orange pants came out but it's also my first attempt at a grid pattern (striped pants are a lot easier!).


  1. You do like to shame me with the detailed painted trousers on your miniatures :0)! Actually, your standard of acceptability of painting is working to pull me "up" a notch or two in my own skill level. Well done and thanks.

  2. Thanks Jay, I like to experiment with the patterns and colors on these "Victorian" miniatures. It's rarely I get to paint this kind of stuff anyway.

    Sometimes unorthodox color combinations turn out to work well, other times like with the color choices of the grid pattern pants I'm not as happy. But it is all a learning experience.

  3. Nice work especially on the first guys trousers very effective.


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