25 January 2013

FFG Star Wars living card game impressions

Thomas introduced me to the recent Fantasy Flight Games "Living card game", Star Wars.
Unfortunately my brain was pretty much fried after I returned home after a full day of gaming so I forgot many of names of the game mechanics. But from what I remember I can say that I liked it.

It's a 2-player game (featured in the universe of episode IV-VI) and it included a couple of familiar "card game" elements that you will recognize quickly, such as having 3 objectives to fight over (though each player has 3 instead of sharing them).

The goal of the game is for the rebel alliance to disrupt Imperial operations while the Imperial player is mainly trying to defend while the death star is being built. Once the death star is finished the game ends an imperial victory, if it's stopped, the rebels win.

The game resource handling, buying and deploying units, it also includes an interesting combat mechanic where you first declare which units will be attacking what target - and commit these cards. Then the enemy has to decide whether or not to defend, but if they defend - both players now place cards from their hand facedown to see who gets the "edge" in the battle and starts dealing damage first. The interesting aspect of this is that the edge points are printed on unit cards, the better the unit the more edge points. This means that you will need to burn good unit cards in the edge battles, units which you maybe you would want to save for the next turn and buy as a proper combat unit instead of using them as a bidding resource.

So the dual purpose of cards I think was nice. The way the objectives worked also seemed to allow for more balanced and less "out of nowhere victories". The way units deal damage to enemy objectives and how each objective has its own special rules etc, I really liked it.

If I get to play this again soon I will write a proper review and make sure to take notes to give a more detailed description of everything. I always write this, I'm not a card game guy. I don't know why but I just have a hard time with card games, however every now and again something good comes along, like the Game of Thrones cardgame or this Star Wars game.


  1. What? No Jar Jar Binks? Mesa insulted! Thanks for the quick review.

    1. Fortunately we don't have to deal with any of the prequel BS in this game *shivers*.

  2. Got this a week before x-mas and have since then played it 40+ times with my girlfriend. For me it's one of the best card games I've ever tried and although i think the Empire has a slight edge, every time we play it's a fierce battle with no clear winner early on.

    1. Thomas also said that each game he has played have been very close, so I think that's a good sign :-)

      Games that just allow you to crush your opponent are just awful, like the Call of Cthulhu CCG where nothing happens and all of a sudden you or the opponent win by making a bum rush.

      I'm going to play this game again this weekend, so I'll try to write a proper review sometime next week.


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