24 January 2013

My friend David's Early War Soviet's

I wanted to showcase some of my friend David's Early War Soviet's, which I think are his best looking army to date. Many of these units along with painting tutorials will be included in the upcoming "Hobby book for Poland 1939" compilation. Here’s a preview of his latest stuff::

BT-5 tanks from Zvezda

Polikarpov I-15B (manufacturer ? Battlefront flight stand)

Soviet infantry, AT-guns and artillery by Plastic Soldier Company


  1. Fantastic looking pictures!

  2. That biplane is too cool. Everyone who's hooked on Battlefront's (often pretty good) 15mm WW2 stuff misses a lot of fun miniatures by other makers, I think.

  3. Oh wow, love this period. I have some early Russian mechanised in 1/72 including the biplane.

  4. Yeah I love Early War, I wish it was more popular in the FoW community though. But I guess the fun of having odd and whacky stuff that ends up being incompatible with Mid and Late War collections is putting many people off.

  5. that is one striking army! really cool!

  6. I love their BT-5, this pictures help me, because I want to paint my Zvezda's BT-5 for the Spanish Civil War.


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