15 January 2013

Pumpkinheaded killer scarecrows (2 out of 4)

Something I'm painting as a late birthday present for a friend of mine. The miniatures are from 28mm West Wind models from the excellent   "Gothic Horror" range. Not exactly sure what he is going to use them for, but he mentioned Empire of the Dead/Strange Aeons/Mordheim, games which I think they will fit right in with little effort.

I have two more to paint and will post them tomorrow. These are actually the first miniatures that I have painted in a month’s time. Didn’t paint anything during my blog break as I was all consumed by working the “Poland in Flames” campaign book.


  1. Nice work, as usual, Anatoli! Glad to see you back in the painting seat! :) You know, if you click on the first picture and then quickly click through the others, it looks like the scarecrows are dancing! :)

    1. Haha, dancing :-D

      The pictures turned out crap though, tried twice but was in a hurry so had o time to take a third set, I don't know they just refused to be fully focused. The pictures of the whole group turned out a lot better though. I'll be posting them tomorrow.

  2. Love the figures! Been wanting to get some Scarecrows for Strange Aeons and my Superhero gaming.


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