18 January 2013

September Campaign + Poland in Flames compilation

At long last the project is finally 100% complete. My September Campaign and Poland in flames books have been merged into one volume. This "ultimate edition" includes the finalized version of the Orders of Battle section (no further changes will be made), and I have gone through both books with a fine comb and fixed countless small typos, errors, text anomalies, layout problems, explanations and what not. I'm sure I still missed a bunch of small typo's as it is very hard to find everything on my own.

That these problems had not been fixed prior to this point was due to lack of time and being really tired after having finished each standalone part. But as I worked on the compilation I tried to make sure that the final result is as near perfection as you can get in a 422 page document created by a single person.

Added to the compilations is also a reworked version of the Soldier Memories, it has added information and a few extra bits.

The end result is a 30.9mb large PDF file, so big that Google Drive can't show a preview of it but I hope it won't deter you from downloading it.

Of course the previous two standalone books have also been updated so that the content in the standalone books and the compilation is identical. The original blog posts of both those books have been updated with links to the updated versions.

This work is a non-profit project, if you however want to donate a symbolic sum to support this and future projects you can donate to my Paypal account: alexanderkawczynski@hotmail.com

That is also my contact email if you have any questions regarding the content, in which case put "September Campaign" in your email title.

Get the compilation (Full color only) HERE

The standalone Orders of Battle section HERE

The standalone campaign section HERE

Discussion thread of the content and updates over at the WWPD forum the best FoW community on the internet.


/Alexander Kawczynski


  1. Anatoli, I can't thank you enough for this great supplement!

    Currently we prepare our "Case White" - Campaign which will start later this year and thanks to your work this will be a great time.

    Donation is to follow in time!


  2. Thank you Thomas :-)

    I should also mention that there will be a standalone "hobby section" as I have been asked about that for a long time. It will include painting and terrain tutorials, lists of manufacturers etc and should help people get started with the hobby aspects. Luckily, I have a few friends at the club who will help me out with the German, Slovak and Soviet content as I only own a lot of EW Poles.

    I hope to have that document ready next month.

  3. I may have found this late,, but you sire are a God among men!

  4. About to try to do all your work proud old bean https://www.facebook.com/Houseofhengist/posts/283523588681725


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