12 January 2013

Soldier memories from the September Campaign

This is a collection of quotes (long and short) from interviews made with Polish veterans of the September Campaign, and a couple of letters as well, which are included in the Polish documentary series “Wrzesień 1939”. The series, 18 parts each being roughly 20 minutes, is actually very good despite not having too much archive footage. It does include interactive maps, great narration taking the viewer across all the battlefields of the September Campaign from day one to the final surrender, and it includes a great deal of very good interviews. Think Band of Brother's interview sessions, that length and type of content.

The interviews I found especially interesting - as is always the case with war veterans telling stories about their experiences. I found their stories to be informative, filled with funny anecdotes, stories about the horrors of war and various comments on Polish operations during the war.

Since the documentary, to my knowledge, isn’t available with English subtitles, I thought it would be a shame to have the English audience miss out on this, so I decided to transcribe and translate the interview material and compile it all in one document. I took all the quotes from each soldier and put them into one place. I hope the following text is to your enjoyment. I see this work as an appendix to my “September Campaign” and “Poland in Flames” books.

This is a very simple 19 page PDF file, containing 17 pages worth of interview material. It will also be included in the upcoming 420 pages thick "September Campaign" + "Poland in Flames" mega compilation

/Alexander Kawczynski



  1. Fantastic, thanks Alex, will enjoy reading this on my commute this week

  2. Thanks for making this available. It's really good stuff.

    1. No proble, glad you liked it/found it interesting :-)

  3. This is fantastic. It's difficult as it is to find early war memories for any of the campaigns, must this is pure gold.


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