13 January 2013

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy issue 64

If you get the latest issue of the WS&S magazine you can check out my review of By Fire & Sword, naturally a shortened "bare essentials" version compared to the multi part review on my blog. I was given a chance to write a review and had one page at my disposal so I had to practice cutting down my review to what is most important (otherwise I usually try to cover everything).

There is also an interesting column by Steven MacLauchlan (from WWPD.net) on tournament gaming and how tournament gamers are perceived by casual gamers (in the wrong way).

And then a truly great column by Richard Clarke on rulebook now and back in the days, talking about the economics of rulebooks and how they have grown out of proportion. Very good and insightful column that points out the downside of having super cool and crisp rulebooks.

As usual WS&S has packed the magazine with great battle reports, articles, amazing pictures of well painted miniatures and terrain. This particular issue focuses on medieval/renaissance/18th century content, so if you are into any of those or just curious about the magazine check it out.


  1. I'll be sure to look out for that, congrats on getting your review published.

  2. Ah, that was your review? Great stuff!

  3. Looking forward to reading the next issue, always a good read. Nice your now in print.

  4. Thanks guys, this was all thanks to Steven MacLauchlan from WWPD.net since he got me in touch with one of the editors of the magazine. Hopefully I'll get more chances at submitting content for WSS in the future. The editor leaned towards such a possibility, it just really depends on the need for specific content.

    @Vladd666, yep my name is up on top of the next page with the author of the SAGA expansion review.

  5. Will be nipping out to purchase this afternoon, sir


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