17 January 2013

X-wing test game

Andreas at our club had bought a starter set of X-wing along with some additional ship such as an extra X-wing, an Y-wing, Tie-fighters and Tie-Advanced (with Darth Vader). So I finally got to try out  this game as Andreas, Martin and me played a 80 point test game.

I will not write a proper review of this game just yet, because I felt as if we finally grasped the basics by the end of our first game, so we had yet to add stuff like R2 droids for the rebel ships, special equipment and had not really used a lot of the abilities and actions that the game offers.

But what I saw looked pretty good to me, a simple but elegant system of turn imitative between ships, combat and movement. The rebels controlled by me got wiped out (Luke Skywalker included) but I still had a good time and think I know what to do next time we play

The miniatures are fairly well painted, I think the rebel ships had better paintjobs than the imperial ones, the Tie fighters were also a bit out of scale (larger than they should have been) compared to the rebel ships but it wasn't too bad. The quality of the components was also solid, the only bummer was that the Y-wing booster Andreas had bought had two rookie pilot cards missing, but I'm sure Fantasy Flight Games will sort that out, they have a good customer service.

Since we didn't have any space table we simply used a desert board, to represent the planet surface of Tatooine or some other planet. I think that worked very well. I'll try to write a proper review once I get to play the game again, I know they have some kind of "Kessel run" contest down at the local hobby store in Lund next weekend so I may check it out and take some pictures of that as well.

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