16 February 2013

28mm Polish cavalry (6 out of 12 finished)

This is the first half of the cavalry I'm painting for Chris/"Deploymentzone" over at the WWPD forum as a thank you gesture for the load of 15mm Polish stuff he donated to me.

The miniatures are 28mm Warlord Games Polish cavalry, half will be armed with lances the other half with sabers. The bases is something Chris will tend to himself. None of the riders are glued in place to make it safer to ship them back to the US when they are all done.

Hope to have the remaining 6 painted up towards the end of the next week.


  1. Great job but those lances... Polish cavalry in 1930's rarely trained charges of enemy when mounted, those few charges that were made by Polish cavalry in 1939 were rather costly incidents - really not something that these soldiers were really trained to do. But minis looks very nice ;)

    1. You don't have to tell me about that :-)

      Chris wanted lances for some of his cavalry to have pennants and stuff making the unit pop I assume. For my own cavalry that I painted a couple of years ago I went all sabers and one guy with a cavalry banner.

  2. A great looking cavalry, I do like the colors!

  3. They are looking lovely. I have these minis myself (still unpainted) and felt that the sculpts were not the best (Warlord does far better ones in their other ranges) and I am sure that it took some extra effort to make them look this good! Top work!!!

  4. I am really kicking myself for not buying some Polish Calvary I saw on sale...now that I have read the Bolt Action rules, they are downright badass! Great work, I was almost going to start a Polish Army when I ran into an amazing deal with the French. Now, I just have to wait till fall and paint them up. Great work on yours!

  5. I am darn happy with how they look. Anatoli is going to have to paint up all the rest of my BA Polish so they match, just don't tell him yet.

    Thank you Anatoli


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