23 February 2013

Civilians for French & Indian War review

Or actually they are sculpted for American War of Independence, but who can tell the difference? This excellent blister is from Perry Miniatures (product code AW73) and was something that I instantly looked at after my first game of Muskets & Tomahawks with Thomas. Since Musket & Tomahawks include a high probability of rolling for a scenario or side plot that include civilians I thought it may be a good idea to get some.

Now I compared both the blisters of civilians that Perry Miniatures had with those over at Warlord Games, the reason why I ended up with the Perry blister is that I already have "armed civilians" if I want to - with my militiamen. I really wanted real innocent bystanders that couldn't fend for themselves during an attack and had to be protected. I'm already thinking a few steps ahead with homemade "escorting the civilians" scenarios and other stuff like that.

The Perry miniatures blister also had a bunch of stuff I really liked. The contents are 8 miniatures, 4 making up a colonial family, and 4 servants/slaves. I'm a big fan of the two kids, especially the one playing soldier and using a stick for a rifle. Makes me wish someone made a blister with Mel Gibson from "The Patriot" with those two rifle armed kids of his that ambushed the Brits.

The lady of the house also makes a good "love interest" miniature for the side plot in M&T. Great detail on the miniatures, solid sculpts and full of character.

Highly recommended for anyone needing some innocent bystanders for their wars in the American colonies.


  1. Yes I kike these and will order them. Eight figures are a big plus.

  2. Great set of figures I have not noticed these over at Perry's before. You have got me very interested in the period again!

  3. Could also be innocent victims (or not so innocent characters) in a 18th C. 'Gothic Horror' adventure ^-^

  4. nice looking set of civvies. the table is set for todays game and i have big hopes for the game. last game was awesome and i think this game will be even better.

    no im off to slather some paint on my indians.

  5. What a characterful models. Will surely order them for some pirate civilians. Thanks for the review.

    1. Yes they should be able to blend in well in a Pirate themed setting as well, didn't think of that :-)


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