01 February 2013

Empire of the Dead: Entrapment 27/1 AAR

This will be a much shorter summary than the previous AAR.

The second game of Empire of the Dead played with Thomas this weekend was "Entrapment". I won the roll and decided to be the attacker while Thomas was tasked with escaping off the opposite table edge with his Lyacon's. Since my gang was smaller it seemed like a good choice, I did however make the mistake of splitting up my force and trying to go after both enemy flanks which didn't go well. We also rolled for Day/Night and it turned out to be a Night time scenario, it didn't help me much when I used the Unusual occurance "Almost Dawn" since the enemy was within range when the sun rose anyway.

Once again my poor Gentlemen's club Membership characters took a beating at the hands of blood crazed feral monsters and despite killing a couple of enemy units the President and Secretary lost their nerve and ran off (to get help of course). And so the game ended a Lyacon victory.

I did however manage shoot down the Beastlord during the game and inflicted a "Lost eye" injury. One of the "wolf's" also scored "Unhinged" which was quite fun and we look forward to see how that turns out in future games (we decided that animals would be allowed to get injuries that made sense). One of my membership characters got a debilitating injury and will miss next game. Other than that everyone else escaped with bruises and scratches


  1. Great AAR. Your scenery looks very nice. Are your roads homemade of bought somewhere?

  2. Thanks, the road are crafted by my friend Thomas using some precision cutting tools, plaster and gravel. You can check them out in detail during my before/after painting pictures here http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.se/2011/10/roads-finished-at-last.html

    1. i could do a tutorial if there is any interest in such a thing.

  3. Great looking miniatures and table. Nice AAR

  4. I see someone got there first as I was going to ask about the road too. In fact all of the scenery looks excellent in your games. How much is scratch built?

    1. It's mostly a mix of building kits and ready to go houses.

      Graveyard building and the two barns are resin kits.

      Remaining buildings are ESLO, all except for the brewery have been slightly repainted and I fixed the bases with new flock/turf to make it blend in with our dark green tables better.

      All boxes (except for the 3 small ones) are hand made out of balsa wood.

      Forest bases are home made out of wood.

      The stone formations is terrain found at the club, I don't remember the manufacturer but I think one could do similar stuff easily and a lot cheaper.

      Roads are built by Thomas.
      Straight wall sections are resin kits that I based and painted up.

      The "T" shaped rocky wall with the pine tree is made out of cork.

      The hedges are built out of foamcore and clump foliage.

    2. Very simple sounding yet used to such great effect! Thanks for the information. I always enjoy seeing pictues of your games!


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