25 February 2013

Empire of the Dead: Requiem collectors guide

There have been a lot of questions on the Empire of the Dead Kickstarter about the miniatures and what faction they belong to, how you combine them, which are ”good/evil” etc. I decided to put together some general guidelines based solely upon the existing factions in the hardback rulebook.

Bear in mind that West Wind appear to be gradually releasing rules for new factions and characters which may differ from the list below. However EotD many of the miniatures in Empire of the Dead have potentially more than one use and aren’t as strictly locked to a specific “faction/army”   the way miniature ranges often are for other games out there. Nothing prevents you from using some of the new characters from something like the Nemesis box as a regular Gentlemen’s Club.

Allegiance is also something that isn’t very strict when it comes to certain factions, while others are almost dead certain. I will include the allegiance types of each box/single character  as best I can based upon the current factions and common sense within the Empire of the Dead universe. If you use the miniatures to make your own faction then you naturally pick the allegiance that fits your creation the best and not strictly the allegiance I have marked them with.

In any case here is my own non-official take on the miniatures:

Set 1 and Set 2: London Bobbies 
Allegiance: Good /Neutral
Bobbies  are used during a jailbreak scenario in the core rulebook, where one player controls cops instead of his usual faction. There is also an upcoming Supernatural Branch faction which will utilize many of the bobbies armed with special weapon. 

Set 3: Gentlemen with guns
Allegiance: Good/ Neutral/Evil
These models act to fill a gap in the current range, allowing the Gentlemen’s Club and all of its variations to field special weapons such as the portable Gatling gun.

Set 4: Armed Brothers
Allegiance: Good
Just as with Gentlemen with guns this pack completes the Brotherhood faction by adding weapon options that were missing. The primary function of these miniatures are to be included in the Brotherhood, you could however use them as cultists or something similar for a faction of your own design.

Set 5: Order of the Dragon
Allegiance: Evil
It has already been announced that there will be a Order of the Dragon faction in the PDF if we make it to that stretch goal. Not taking that into account these would fit right at home in the current Nosferatu (vampire) faction. There are no rules for the Vampire in Bat form or the madman though which is why the Order of the Dragon rules will be welcome.

Set 6: Vampire Slayers
Allegiance: Good
If West Wind give these guys rules of their own they will most certainly have a “Good” allegiance. If no rules are released for these models use them as regular Gentlemen’s club members with “Vampire slaying” flavor to their appearance.

Set 7: Baker Street
Allegiance: Good
Sherlock Holmes and Watson have a “Good” allegiance in the PDF Gentlemen and Jackanapes so it would be natural for the rest of the miniatures in the blister to follow suit.
Again as with the Vampire Slayers you could always use the models as regular Gentlemen’s Club members. There are special rules for Holmes and Watson out there already so you could always have a double purpose for those two if no faction rules are released.

Set 8: Nemesis Criminals
Allegiance: Evil
Evil is the most likely allegiance for this lot, though I guess it could be stretched to neutral if you are feeling generous. Same as with Vampire Slayers and Baker Street, use them as a Gentlemen’s Club. Since they are made up of classic “bad guys” it would make sense to give them the “Darklfire club” affiliation (the faction branch which can summon zombie mobs). It is however encouraged to come up with your own clubs don’t feel restricted.

Single miniatures  1
(I will try to make this a very short summary of each model probable faction affiliation and allegiance).

Vic Queen/Vic Queen with Gatling gun
Allegiance: Good
Faction: Gentlemen’s Club or character for hire

Vic John Brown:
Allegiance: Good/Netural/Evil
Faction: Gentlemen’s Club or character for hire

Victorian Grim Reaper
Allegiance: Evil
Character for hire/something to be summoned by magic powers or unusual occurance

Steam Cannon
Allegience: Good/Neutral/Evil
Faction: Sculpted for the Gentlemen’s club, (also useable in The Brotherhood, Nosferatu)

Tesla Projector
Allegience: Good/Neutral/Evil
Faction: Sculpted for the Gentlemen’s club, (also useable in The Brotherhood, Nosferatu)

Constable in Perambulator boots
Allegience: Good/Neutral
Faction: Police/Supernatural branch

Gentleman on Perambulator boots
Allegience: Good/Neutral/Evil
Faction: Sculpted for Gentlemen’s club

The Hound
Allegience: Evil
Faction: Character for hire or something to be summoned by an unusual occurance/magic.

Single miniatures  2

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Allegiance: Good/Evil
Faction: Character for hire
What would make most sense is that these two would make a 2 in 1 character where you deploy Dr Jekyll who can turn into Mr Hyde during a game.

Jack the Ripper
Allegiance: Evil
Faction: Character for hire (already has rules in Gentlemen & Jackanapes PDF)

The Baron:
Allegiance: Good/Neutral/Evil
Faction: Gentlemen’s club, Nosferatu, Order of the Dragon, Character for hire
Miniatures such as this one could have multiple uses as he is generic enough to fit into many factions in one way or another.

The Monster:
Allegiance: Evil
Faction: Character for hire

Dorian Grey
Allegiance: Good/Neutral/Evil (possibly fleeting)
Faction: Character for  hire
There are interesting options here if West Wind can come up with rules based upon the events in the story for this character. Maybe he could have a fleeting allegiance that determine whether he will stay or leave your faction when he can’t be kept around anymore.

The invisible man
Allegiance: Neutral/Evil
Faction Character for hire
Again there are very interesting possibilities here for special rules if he gets any.

Allan Quatermain
Allegiance: Good/Neutral
Faction: Gentlemen’s Club, character for hire

Captain Nemo
Allegiance: Neutral
Faction: Character for hire

Professor Cavor
Allegiance: Neutral/Good
Faction: Gentlemen’s Club, character for hire

The inscrutable Tong
Allegiance: Evil
Faction: Gentlemen’s club, possible future Tong faction, Character for hire

Professor Gecko
Allegiance: Evil
Faction: Character for hire

Lightning Jack
Allegiance: Good/Neutral
Faction: Gentlemen’s Club, character for hire


  1. Nice breakdown. The campaign is looking good. It should be the push needed to make a good game into a great one.

  2. Thanks for the list! It really gives me an idea for which minis to choose


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