14 February 2013

Empire of the Dead: Requiem KICKSTARTER

West Wind went live today with their Kickstarter campaign for Empire of the Dead: Requiem which is a rather massive expansion of miniatures fleshing out existing and adding new factions. I'm really excited about some of the really weird steampunk stuff and filler models that I have been missing up to this point (specialist weapons for Gentlemen's club among other stuff). Some gamers out there will probably be equally happy to see that there are core rules in PDF to be released as well, it's often something that people ask about. I jumped on the bandwagon myself for the "Early Bird" which focuses on the new stuff and stretch goals for £75.

If you want to learn more about the game you can check my review of the rules HERE

There is also a long written interview with one of the two authors Nigel Atkinson HERE

Below is the information about the campaign from West Wind themselves:


Empire of the Dead – Requiem – Proposed Miniatures Release


What’s it all about?

Requiem is West Wind’s huge miniatures release for its acclaimed Gothic Horror / Steampunk skirmish game, Empire of the Dead.

What’s in the release?

If we are successful, we plan to make over 80 New miniatures, plus 12 New Victorian machines, carriages, steam powered walkers and Time machines, etc.

What scale are the miniatures?

28mm pewter miniatures, on a 30mm round bevelled base. The carriages will be resin and white metal.

What made you choose the Victorian period and Gothic Horror/ Steampunk ?

We have a long history of games and miniatures based in this period, Vampire Wars was our first Victorian game and Empire of the Dead has its roots in this game.

What kind of miniatures can we expect?

If you love the fictional world of the Gothic novel then you will be very familiar with a lot of the characters we have planned for Requiem; ranging from Vampire Counts to Great Detectives, we have them all, plus more ideas too….......

Tell us more about the Victorian Machines.

Victorian streets were filled with people and machines, in fact if you look at old photos of London around the 1880’s, you can’t move for horse drawn vehicles! You can expect a London Omnibus, a Hansom Cab, a Victorian horse drawn Fire Engine and a lot more……….

What about the Steampunk stuff?

We have an ingenious Time Machine, ala H.G. Wells, a Steam Powered Exo-skeleton, a Spirit Canon, a steam powered Gyro-copter and many more……...

Why have you gone to Kickstarter?

Its fairly simple, you have to keep up with the times. We want to fund the out sourcing of our mould making. Currently Andy Cooper splits his time between mould making and sculpting. This is really slowing us down and we need to find a different way to bring our products to market in a more timely manner.

What can we expect from West Wind in the future?

As far as Empire of the Dead is concerned, we have a third part planned. We think it’s a great twist on the traditional Steampunk background but you will have to wait and see.

Can we expect to see Requiem releases in the game stores?

Yes, we are planning on having six new boxed sets on release this summer. However, you will not see any new stuff in shops before we fulfil the pledges to our backers made on Kickstarter.

So is every model made?

No absolutely not, the range is about 40% done. You will see a lot of concept stuff on the Kickstarter. We will be posting up some video updates on where the newest sculpts are up to, and if we achieve our funding, Andy will be freed up to get on and sculpt the rest of the range.


West Wind Contact Details

Please feel free to ask us any questions throughout the Kickstarter, or indeed, if you have any ideas of your own to help things along, we would love to hear about them. If you need to contact us, please do so via email to mail@westwindproductions.co.uk or phone on 01457 879330.


  1. im backing this as well. there are quite a few really nice minis to choose from..

    and i guess more will be added. i couldn't find any info on p&p? could you?

    1. Shipping is free in UK, Europe, Canada and the US. Rest of the world is 10% of the pledge in shipping.

  2. I'm backing this too. I've been waiting a long time for these new models.


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