05 February 2013

Harley Quinn (repainted face and minor details)

The face kept nagging me, especially how the eyes just disappeared behind the sooted makeup. It made me repaint the face with a couple of watered down layers of white color and repaint the eyes for the 15th time.

I also made a few improvements, like the hair, and a few highlights (some of which are on the back of the legs and not seen in the pictures).

I figured since I'm painting this one for Thomas (out of pure interest and free of charge) I really wanted it to look the way I would have painted my own once I order one. I would feel embarrassed if I painted my own model differently/better. I'll see what Thomas has to say about the changes, it would not be a lot of work to change back to the skintone if he ends up disliking it.


  1. Looks much better, in my opinion.

  2. Thanks I think so too. I would probably obsess about it if I wouldn't make the change. And since I will drop it off this weekend I still had the opportunity to make the tweaks.

  3. That looks much better, great job on the face paint its always hard to get that right as the risk is it just looks like undercoat if not done properly. Very nicely painted figure.

  4. You've hit the nail on the head!


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