04 February 2013

Harley Quinn WIP

This is a "Knight Models" Harley Quinn in 32-35mm scale (don't remember exactly but I know it won't mix well with much on the market). My buddy Thomas bought a few blisters of their Batman Arkham City range which is based upon the recent game with the same name, and I told him I would paint up Harley for free as I really like that character and the miniature looked cool.

I wasn't happy with the hair though, the pigtails were weirdly shaped and I wanted them more realistic and fluffy. The temple on one side had been slightly messed up during casting so I had to apply a ultra thin layer of green stuff and add some hair texture. I also wanted the parted fringe to be a bit more pronounced and thicker so I added that as well.

All in all some 35-40 minutes of work with a tiny needle. I think it will look good with paint on.

For those not familiar with Harley Quinn, she could be described as the love interest of the Joker and her character originates from the animated series (which is damn good). She is quite insane and overprotective of the Joker which is the main focus of her life. The love however is pretty much a one way affair since the Joker finds her annoying and is constantly scolding her. He also doesn't mind using her as bait for trapping Batman or leave her behind when his plans are ruined.

In any case, I will most likely buy this mini and the Catwoman mini for myself down the road and make small dioramas for both as I don't see them being used for mini wargaming at all.


  1. Very nice conversion: it adds a lot more character to the character!

  2. Thanks Jay, painted version will be up tomorrow :-)
    Finished painting her this afternoon.


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