24 February 2013

Last of the Mohicans blister review

Ever since I first started tinkering with French & Indian War miniatures a few years back for "This Very Ground" I bought some of my first models for the game from Conquest Miniatures. It ordering was a pain in the ass, the shipping was super expensive and slow - but the miniatures were awesome. Even back then I was drooling over the "Last of the Mohicans" blister  but had no real reason to actually buy it, and it was also quite expensive compared to the other blisters.

Since then Warlord Games have bought up Conquest Miniatures and the models are now readily available for order without hassle and fast shipping. I have also started playing Muskets & Tomahawks which involves a lot more characters, lone heroes and civilians running about as part of the rules.

So naturally the blister came back up on my radar, I still waited until I had played a game of M&T to confirm that I would like it before ordering the blister. The blister contains Hawkeye, Uncas, Chingachgook, Magua as well as Cora and Alice Munro.The four males are all amazingly well sculpted and really look like the actors in the Last of the Mohicans movie featuring Daniel Day Lewis in the leading role. The two females are not up to the same standard, they look clueless and confused (granted they walk about with their mouths open in the movie as well...) but they are also quite small sculpts. When comparing them to the males or to Perry Miniatures models they look like teenage girls. They make nice civilian additions to my F&IW collection nonetheless.

In any case the primary reason why I bought the blister was Hawkeye who looks badass, and Magua who looks intimidating. Mague is sculpted as he appears right before he reveals himself a French agent to the British column escorting the Munro daughters, and I plan to paint his clothes accordingly to how he looks in that scene.

I really look forward to painting these miniatures up, I started with Hawkeye since I figured he would make a great "officer" character for a M&T  Militia or Irregular warband (pictures of him will be up soon). The blister really contains a handful of great characters for any Musket & Tomahawks game, I highly recommend it despite the steep price when compared to other blisters with the same amount of models.

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