28 February 2013

Magua from Last of the Mohicans

Magua the main villain from Last of the Mohicans blister. I love this miniature and painted him up the way he looks when he leads the small British detachment into the first ambush. His blue and yellow robes looked really striking and more interesting than the black and red clothes he had later in the movie.

I also included a comparison with one of my old woodland indians painted up a few years ago just to show the difference between my latest skin recipe and the old one.

There will be a step by step tutorial of how I painted Magua's skin/how to paint woodland indians posted tomorrow.


  1. Very nice paint job !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Thanks guys, just finished the last two miniatures (Alice and Cora Munro) this evening, I will portion out the pictures over the next few days along with some tutorials.

    There may be a large tutorial for the whole blister presented in another format but I still need to straighten out the details about that.

  3. "When the Grey Hair is dead, Magua will repaint his miniatures, badly. Before he dies, Magua will sell his Warjacks and "beaky" Space Marines on eBay, so the Grey Hair will know his collection is wiped out forever."

  4. Damn! Those are perfect Alex! Love love love Maqua.

    Magua's heart is twisted. :) Just watched it again a couple of weeks ago.


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