21 February 2013

Polish 28mm cavalry (12 of 12) finished

Finished the last 6 Polish riders last night for Chris who will be using them for Bolt Action. The pictures are taken while the matt varnish is still a bit fresh hence the slight gloss in some areas. They will be shipped back to the US (Virginia to be specific) by the end of this week.

I also figured I would throw in 2 out of my 4 Polish eagle objectives, I rarely use more than 2 in Flames of War anyway. So Bolt Action gamers in Virginia keep an eye out


  1. Those are just fantastic :) Such a good paint job.

  2. Wow, great stuff! You are encouraging me to get some SS Calvary now! I saw some French Calvary with Crusader but alas no rules yet, I was thinking I may could use the German SS Calvary rules without Fanatics being taken.

  3. Fantastic painting job!! I like those Bolt Action miniatures

  4. Hi Anatoli,

    your paintjob is absolutely great. The miniatures are very nice too, but the horses look a bit small unfortunately.


    1. Thanks Monty, yes I agree about the horses. The miniatures ae an older part of the Bolt Action original range which could explain this.

  5. Where did you source the sabres , excellent job


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