15 February 2013

Polish 7TP dw tank platoon

A couple of weeks ago I started searching the internet for cheap 7TP tanks to finish my 7TP tank company (needed that 3rd and final platoon of single turret tanks) and also to add a platoon of twin turret 7TP tanks as a support option for my Polish infantry battalion. To my surprise I was contacted by a gentleman over at the WWPD forum who offered to donate part of his Polish collection since it was only collecting dust due to lack of Early War interest in his parts.

This was an offer I gladly accepted, being strapped for cash and all that. So a few days ago I received a parcel, with 10x 7TP jw (single turret) tanks and a platoon of 75mm light artillery 4 guns). My Polish army is really starting to have a large amount of hardware to pick from and the new additions will allow me to field variants of Polish army lists I have not been able to up to this point. So huge thanks to "Deploymentzone”/Chris over at WWPD forums.

With the models I also received a bag of spare parts that included the MG turrets and extra pieces needed to build the 7TP dw tanks, I used clippers and a hobby knife to gently break off the top and replace it with the one meant for the MG turrets. The turrets should really be able to turn individually, but the way the turret holes in the hull are cast has the turrets end up sitting so tightly that you will chip paint off whenever you turn them. So I decided to simply glue them in place. It was a bit disheartening but in the end I think this was the best long term solution.

The models were repainted to match the other tanks in my collection, however the bottle of Bone White color I have been using had ran out and the new one I got refused to cover well enough. So I ended up mixing Bone White with Dark Sand, hence the slightly more cream colored bright patterns.

I will continue painting up the rest of the stuff Chris sent me as soon as I paint up some Warlord Games Polish lancers for him that I offered to paint in return as payment (I felt awkward just accepting the models giving nothing in return). So expect some 28mm Polish cavalry up on the blog soon.

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  1. "So a few days ago I received a parcel, with 10x 7TP jw (single turret) tanks and a platoon of 75mm light artillery 4 guns)"

    You lucky, lucky bastard! I'm still, very slowly, working on my Polish tank company; so jealous, I am



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