13 February 2013

Repurposed civilians for Empire of the Dead

These miniatures were previously painted up for Malifaux, but since I don't play that game much these days I painted over the Malifaux unit names on the base and fixed the miniatures so that I can use them for Empire if the Dead instead. For instance the "ladies of the night" have been repainted so that they no longer have slit throats and look undead. Other minor things that have been changed are a decent matt varnish coat on a few of the miniatures that were previously still suffering from overly glossy finish that I never could get rid of.

I'm currently using the "The Army Painter Warpaints: Anti-Shine" from Warlord Games. It's a small 18ml bottle of brush on matt varnish, the funny thing about it is that you have to apply a generous amount to get a good result - and it takes a couple of hours for it to dry properly and actually turn matt. So it's easy to start panicking or get frustrated that your miniatures are sticky and glossy before you learn this. So far this has been the only safe and working matt varnish I could get my hands on.

In any case, all the miniatures are West Wind "Gothic horror/Vampire wars" range from various blisters. Some have been converted with extra bits, like the Scarecrows with weapons, the shovel on the gravedigger, apron and razor on the crazy looking barber, owl on the gentleman in dark clothes as well as a knife in the hand of the blood stained gentleman in the blue coat.


  1. About the varnish, you should look at Windsor & Newton Galeria Matt Varnish - http://colourofwar.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/varnish-test.html

    1. Thanks for the tip, will try it out in the future as soon as my Warpaints "Anti shine" runs out - it has been working quite well though it takes a lot of time to become 100% dry so it's easy to panic before the dry matt finish kicks in.

    2. I use liquitex matte varnish. It has completely replaced army painter anti shine.

      Goes on milky and dries clear


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