18 February 2013

Return to a modded Skyrim

Roughly six months ago my computer went FUBAR and had to be formatted, in the process I lost all my progress data for Skyrim and had since that time been completely put off  from re-installing and beginning a new character. However a few weeks ago  I noticed something called "Steam Workshop" over at Steam and realized that this was a great feature that allows players to upload their work on Steam and for Skyrim players to quickly subscribe to modifications without having to involve third party software or dig around in ini. files and folders as is the usual custom with mods for PC games.

I probably spent three hours just browsing the Steam Workshop and in the end subscribed and installed 33 individual mods that have really improved my gameplay experience and made it worth starting a new game.

The mods are downloaded by clicking "subscribe" in the mod workshop, which in turn downloads the mod directly into Skyrim. You then activate all mods by clicking on the Date button in the Skyrim launcher and marking which mods you want to use. If your Data button is greyed out there is a very easy fix for it online which you can find using Google.

The mods that I'm currently running are:

Stones of Barenziah Quest markers (for the otherwise impossible quest)
Towns and Villages Enhanced (makes such locations a lot more detailed and "lived in")
Enhanced Blood textures
Build your own home (what it sounds like, scratchbuild your own house)
Wearable lanterns (great alternative for Torches, and comes with a torchbug and oil lantern ingame)
Improved Interior lightning (providing realistic amoung of light, making dark places a LOT darker)
Lightweight potions (making potion weigh 0.1 instead of 0.5)
Lush Greens (lot more vegetation and denser forests)
Realistic Lightning (day/night light is a lot more realistic, nights are a lot darker)
The Secret room at Breezhome (adds a new awesome Trophy room)
Skyrim Overhaul Factions (all factions now look the part and are armed accordingly)
Run for your lives (Villages now flee indoors during dragon attacks instead of getting killed)
Lighter Dragoon loot (Dragon bones and scales are now a lot lighter to carry)
Detailed mine map markers (Mine markers on map now display the resource type in each mine)

Also added 3 quest mods which I have yet to begin so can't comment on their content, but their rating was quite good:
Into the depths
No mercy

Some pictures to show off a couple of the new mods, mainly the lightning mods for indoor and outdoor locations:


  1. I really wanted to like Skyrim, but the world felt really really empty to me. I have personally tried downloading mods for it in the past to improve the worlds feel. But it just always ends up feeling like this huge sprawling and very empty map.

    1. I thought they had a good balance between travel distance and locations in Skyrim, though I'm mostly playing the Elder Scrolls games for the fun of exploring - sometimes you stumble upon a super cool dungeon turning into a cave that leads into some old ruins very deep down into the earth. There is location where you drop down into a cave that is weirdly illuminated by blue fungus or something, looks super cool.

      Other times it's just fun to travel and see stuff. I can agree that if you aren't into this sort of thing then it can get lonely without constant interaction. Though I think games like Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas were exactly the same as the last three Elder Scrolls games.

      I'm actually having most fun when I'm not fighting in Skyrim, which is why I tend to run with rouge characters with sneaking/bow/lockpick skills dominating my gameplay.


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