02 February 2013

US army modern warfare fire team

Picked up my 20mm Elhiem Figures US troops yesterday and prepped them for painting . I only bought 3 blisters, 12 minitures in total, mainly with "Brink of Battle" in mind - but I hope that the guys at the club will be up for pooling resources and give "The Battlefield" multiplayer mode a go, as I really want to try that.

All blisters are regular US army, I specifically avoided special forces. The stuff I bought was one blister with M4 rifles including a SAW, one blister of M16A2 rifles including one SAW, one blister of army reconnaissance (in some kind of 3/4 body armour). The last blister has a mix of weapons, among them a M14 designated marksman rifle.

I painted these guys to fit into the timeline of the invasion of Iraq, partially because I loved "Generation Kill", but I also have painted up Iraqi army regulars and Baath party VIP's. I also like the look of soldiers with a mix of woodland and desert camo uniform and equipment. The full woodland uniform is so damn ugly and the full desert uniform is extremely boring looking, but mixing them together makes for interesting painting and end result.

I already got a few pointers on details to improve/correct so I'll wait with the painting guide until my next post.


  1. You really have nailed down those colour hues.

  2. Elheim really are excellent figures, aren't they?

  3. @John
    Thanks :-)

    @Black Smoke
    Yeah, and I also think they are very affordable.

  4. Where can I buy these army miniatures? Please email me at nardino82@gmail.com

    Thank you!


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