03 February 2013

US army recon team + painting guide

Two recon soldiers, one with a M24 marksman rifle, both with body armor with groin protection.

I'm enjoying painting these troops more than I thought and will probably order more in the near future.
I also went back and fixed the fire team, the US flag is now facing west, camo stripes are not as dark and the tactical symbol is painted in earth colors.

The way I paint these guys is mainly by mixing various paints that I have in my collection. I'm sure you can buy proper colors to skip the mixing of paints completely, but here is how my painting guide looks like:

Undercoat models black, basecoat everything with Vallejo "Charred Brown".

Citadel "Steel Legion Drab", followed by a wash of Warpaints "Quickshade Soft Tone ink"
Highlight the uniform with a 50-50 mix of Vallejo "Khaki" and "Dark Sand". Leave shading and such intact.
Camo pattern, Vallejo "Charred Brown", followed by a 50-50 mix of Citadel "Steel Legion Drab" and Vallejo "Bonewhite"

Combat vest/armo
Baecoat with Citadel "Calaban Green", follow up with a second layer of Vallejo "US Dark green"
Pattern is painted using Black, Vallejo "Charred Brown" and Citadel "Steel Legion Drab"

Citadel "Steel legion drab", wash with Warpaints "Quickshade Soft Tone ink"

Weapons, knee pads, elbow  pads, and everything else that is going to be black
Baecoat with Black, second layer of Citadel "Charadon Granite", wash 1-2 times with Warpaints "Quickshade Dark Tone ink"


  1. Nice to see some new project coming. Keep up the great work. Witch theater of operation will these be used?

    1. Thanks Thib-0, they will be used for "Iraq 2003" themed games, the small collections that my buddies have too consists of Iraqi army and US forces so that makes the most sense.

  2. Look great as usual Alex! Can't wait to see them in some BoB action. :)


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