08 March 2013

British officer and recipe for red uniforms (F&IW)

A Redoubt Miniatures officer I painted up to get a feel for the Redoubt sculpts that I will be reviewing tomorrow, I also wanted to have a painted up miniature for the size comparison shots which will be part of that review.

This officer was painted up to look a bit like major Duncan Heyward from Last of the Mohicans, the golden details on the front of the uniform jacket and vest are painted on and not actually sculpted onto the miniature. I added those to make him look the part.

In retrospect I should have fixed his slightly miscast left hand as the fingers don't look quite right.

In any case, this is my first "British" miniature and I have to say that after the matt varnish had dried to a crisp surface I am almost tempted to invest in a couple of Regular redcoats. I'll have to give that a thought. I already have a mostly "generic" collection with a small unit of French regulars, Thomas also bought into the French since we agree they are the "coolest". Fredrik is building a small British force with scots and Viktor is going for Indians so whatever happens we have most things covered and will probably always pool resources when we play. This makes having one additional stray unit or character a bit more justified.

The red on this miniature was painted using the paints and steps below:

Basecoat  with Vallejo Scorched Earth
1st layer: Scorched Earth + Vallejo Scarlet Red 75-25
2nd layer:Scorched Earth + Scarlet Red 50-50
3rd layer:Scorched Earth + Scarlet Red 25-75
4th layer: Citadel Mephiston Red + Scorched Earth 80-20
5th layer: Mephiston Red
6th layer: Mephiston Red + Blood Red 70-30

Army Painter Warpaints "Anti Shine", one coat. (The varnish did not become dead  flat on the red and black areas until it had dried over the night).


  1. Nice painting!

    And what a lovely figure all together!

  2. That dude totally looks ready for a duel. Good paint job!

  3. Very nice officer, great work!

  4. Looks really nice, I will have to give that red recipe a go asnever have much luck getting a red coat I am totally happy with.

    1. Let me know how it works out for you Leigh, red is one such color that requires a bit of work and patience compared to blue or green.

  5. Great work on your officer, now you'll need some redcoats for him to lead


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