27 March 2013

Civilization the boardgame session, tiny post

Just a tiny post about Civilization the boardgame which we played last weekend. It's been a while since last time som all of us had forgotten pretty much all the rules. It's a damn good game which imo focuses on the good aspects of the PC version and less so on the bad (combat which always sucked is very simple in the boardgame).

I really want to play this again during our next boardgame night since we are all now up to date with the rules again. Didn't take a lot of pictures because the light over at my friends hosue was really bad that evening so most pictures turned out unsalvageable.

You can see a much better post (which is basically a "review light" about Civilization here http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.se/2012/04/civilization-boardgame-boardgame-review.html


  1. Interesting, I played Civ I and II but fell away from the game. I only ever played the Avalon Hill Advanced Civilization which was a bit different.

  2. Its always interesting to see folks talking about Civilization the game which is based on the PC version which in turn was based on the original boardgame that I fondly remember from the '80s by Hartland. What an interesting road it has been for this game.


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