11 March 2013

DungenQuest session

Rounding the day off with a pure "Beer & Pretzel's" game if preferrable to launching another boardgame session where you need to think. So when your brain is fried things like DungeonQuest works wonderfully well. The game should take less than 1 hour. In this session 1 hero died 3 turns into the game, another one died soon after.

The remaining heroes, one being a sorceress wandering about the perimiter of the dungeon stumbling of small treasures all the time, and my ranger who took a bloody roadshortcut into the center of the table using the catacombs. I emerged into the dungeon level with a single wound left.

And while the sorceress of my opponent was killed by a monster appearing two tiles from the exit! Well I had a character with a single wound left - so there was not a snowball's chance in hell to survive the gauntlet that would be my journey back home especially since there was no established route from the treasure chamber to the exit. I managed to find some kind of magic tome which had a randomly determined effect based upon the roll of 2D6 at the start of each turn in the treasure chamber.

There was a risk of getting killed, but there was also a chance to be fully healed and even a slim chance of being transported to the exit. I gambled for 4 turns but only managed to get a ton of treasure before getting a bad result which inflicted 4 wounds and killed my character. So in true DungeonQuest fashion everyone died. I don't remember exactly, but someone put together a chart stating that there was a 87% + risk of getting killed.

Oh btw, we use the official "Dice combat" variant, since the original card combat is a total mess and bogs down an otherwise super streamlined game.


  1. Ooh! I just looked this game up on Boardgamegeek and it looks like a lot of fun! I'm always on the lookout for games to use to one day lure my child into the rewarding world of geekdom ;)

    1. I would say the game is very kid friendly and very fast paced. You can see more details about it in my old review here:



    2. Ah, thanks! Good reads.

      It sounds like the chance of "winning" a game is horribly low, but you can say the same about "Arkham Horror" which tons of people love. And obviously, with kids you can always throw them a few mulligans to keep the game going.

  2. I always think this looks like such a fun game. I really must give it a go.

  3. @Allison, it's a pretty lightweight game and you could easily take away the "instant death" cards from the deck to make it more user friendly while retaining the fun of the remaining dangers that are ever present. I also highly recommend using the official "Dice combat" variant which you can find in the PDF here http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/dungeonquest/support/dq-combat-variants.pdf

    The PDF also give your heroes alternate powers and skills to replace those that rely on card combat mechanics.

    @Smillie, it's a fun little game that you can either start or end a boardgame evening with. Setup is quite fast, gameplay is extremely fast and sessions rarely last longer than 1 hour.


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