20 March 2013

Empire of the Dead:Requiem 5 days left update!

With only 5 days left the kickstarter campaign for West Winds expansion of Empire of the Dead is going really well. Several stretch goals have been passed and a ton of really cool additional factions and miniatures have been added to the original "Requiem" list.

There are now a faction based on infernium powered machines "The Clickers" which is probably the single most cool faction imo and I hope to get a box of those myself. We also have the Bedlam brotherhood, made up of insane asylum inmates added as a faction with miniatures.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that the PDF rulebook has swollen with a ton of new content, rules for all vehicles and contraptions as well as new factions have been gradually added to as these have been unlocked. What we are looking at is not only an expansion of the miniature range to fill gaps and add new models, but also a proper expansion of rules content.

It may be worth checking out all the new stuff if you haven't already or wasn't particularly interested in the initial offerings. It is also possible to buy a lot of those additions outside of the "requiem" level pledge, and of course the PDF rulebook as can be purchased separately as well by those who may want to check out the rules and save their miniature purchases for later.

And West Wind have now also made sure to make the "free shipping"  to most of the world a bit more visible with a banner of its own.


  1. I really can't wait is it June yet?

    1. Me too :-D
      I wonder if they will have anything available for pickup by Salute as I'm going there this year. Also can't wait until the end of the KS campaign when we will get the updated rules PDF with all the factions and vehicles!

  2. Nitpicking, but the 'ornithopter' does not look the part at all (etymologically: 'with bird's wings') ^-^
    [Forget the bird's *head*, an idiosyncrasy of mad Granbretan.]


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