05 March 2013

French & Indian War basing (tutorial)

My buddy Thomas asked about the bases I've made for my French & Indian War collection. I thought I could share what materials are involved, the bases are nothing difficult and don't really warrant any specific "tutorial" as such.

The stuff I use for my "wilderness" bases is Army Painter "Steppe Grass", this is a dark green blend with a bit of brown and red in it. I also use "Summer 3 color clump foliage" and "Flock Blend Dark Conifer" both of these manufactured by GaleForce9.

The Dark Conifer flock is probably what makes things most interesting, though it’s like something in between static grass and pure powder. It's dark green with red particles in it which add a subtle level of detail.

I usually superglue the clump foliage in place first, and then use PVA glue to apply static grass and finally the flock. Depending on your own preference you can increase/decrease the amount of any of the three involved basing materials. Below are a couple of pictures showing various miniatures where I have used this basing "recipe".


  1. Nice tutorial and great miniatures. Even shown for a second time they look awsome!


  2. Anatoli, if you could spare a few words about how you paint the bases, what kind of paints do you use, it would be much appreciated!

    1. If you mean the sand, then its undercoated with black, basecoated with Vallejo "Scorched Earth". Then I drybrush and splotch on Vallejo "Bestial Brown" and Citadel "Steel Legion Drab".

    2. yup, thats what I meant! thanks a bunch!


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