28 March 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks 24/3/13 game AAR

Played another game of Muskets and Tomahawks over at my friend Thomas, it was a 360 points per side game though I didn't record anything  so will keep this post brief and let you guys focus on the pictures from the game.

It was once again the French and British fighting it out, this time a force of French Regulars made up or regular infantry, French marines, a cannon, and some Huron attacked a British village guarded by Provincial troops and militia backed up by a couple of indian allies.

The scenario conditions for the French were to slaughter at least 2/3rd of the enemy force, the British had to defend their civilians of which there were 12 people. If more than 50% of the civilians got killed the British would lose the battle.

The side plot for the British were that one of the officers was a spy and was just visiting his comrades in the village when the enemy attacked. As such he must keep a low profile and try to remain unseen by the enemy if he is to be able to infiltrate them again.

The side plot for the French was, and Thomas really has a good knack for rolling these kind of side plots, that they had an insane officer. It turned out to be the senior officer riding a horse too! This crazy old fart is demented and doesn't know what he is doing half of the time. Each time he is activated both players roll a D6, the player who rolls higher activates the officer. However, if the opponent activates the officer he can only move him about - no shooting/fighting. Still, in order for the French to succeed with their side plot they had to keep the old deranged officer alive until the end of  the battle! Good luck....

It was a real slaughter, beginning with the French decimating one of the Provincial units - forcing them to hide inside a building which was then destroyed by the artillery (killing everyone inside!!). The rest of the British troops were confused and panicking, civilians moved slowly trying to get away while the fighting troops were having a hard time to find good firing positions and ended up shot or killed in close combat by muskets and blood crazed Hurons!

A true spectacle. In the end the insane French officer rode into the lines of the British and was killed by a hail of bullets, but the British spy was spotted and recognized by the French and the civilian evacuation broke down completely resulting in over having more than 50% killed (last two by a damn cannonball!). There British were really messed up by the end of the fight, while the French were largely untouched, having taken light casualties only.

It was great to play with some civilians, and I hope to have more painted up for our next game. Thomas have steamrolled through a box of Warlord French Infantry so they will be joining the fighting next time as well. I also managed to try out the Last of the Mohicans rules proposed to me over at the Lead Adventure Forum by user "Eric of the Shed"  HERE and found them to be working quite well. I had also managed to paint up the Mel Gibson miniature and the two armed kids just in time for the game so it was nice to have them on the gaming table.

You may have noticed the absence of smoke puffs in this game, I forgot my cotton balls at home... It make a huge difference having them around. Makes the game more immersive and it is easier to keep track of who has fired their weapons.


  1. Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it. I held back a little in this AAR since it was written while I discovered the blogspot trouble with the "lightbox" picture slider not working. I only managed to fix the problem today thanks to another user, Google still hasn't come up with an official fix...
    Not that fun to browse 40 pictures one at a time.

  2. Love your setup and game play. The figures are such a delight to drool over. Super job,Sir.

  3. the game was great fun but was rather one sided. my initial salvoes were very effective and destroying the building was a lucky roll. next game will include my newly painted regulars, 18 of them and that will pull the focus back to the more open warfare. as of now the units of six indians are so effective its hard to justify the other from any other viewpoint other than aesthetics.

    mybe the waterfall will be done until then too:)

  4. It's very cool report. Because of your introduction and review of M&T, I've just ordered the rulebook. BTW, may I know which trees and river terrain do you use for this? I love your game table!

    1. Thanks! :-)

      The rivers are home crafted by my friend Thomas, the trees IIRC are some obscure German manufacturer, sorry can't recall the name of the brand and don't have the package left. Maybe Thomas can answer that one as well.


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