09 March 2013

Redoubt Miniatures review and size comparison

Since I began posting the most recent wave of French & Indian War content on the blog I have been asked a couple of times how the miniatures from Conquest/Warlord, Perry Miniatures and Front Rank Figures match up with Redoubt Miniatures.

I could not give an answer to that since I had not even heard of Redoubt before and had none of their miniatures. However, the very friendly and equally French & Indian War interested forum member Mathias/"Led-Unge" member over at the Swedish forum "Littlewars" asked if I wanted some of his spare miniatures for my collection and  for a review. Naturally I accepted that generous offer and here is my review.

The first thing that struck me when I saw the miniatures was that they seemed larger than anything else I had in my collection. And indeed, matching them up with Conquest, Perry and Front Rank the results ranged from matching quite well to matching poorly. I know that us gamers are damaged in the sense of being used to all models being the same height, but it is equally important to point out other aspects such as guns and equipment being larger on larger scale miniatures.

The sculpting style of Redoubt Miniatures is very distinct, I could pick these guys out on a picture as well as I could pick out a Front Rank Figures miniature. The sculptor has a very special style, the models are very detailed and full of character, but at the same time a bit "chunky". The miniatures I received were a mix of militia with some regulars and Last of the Mohican characters in the mix. The militiamen were the best sculpts and will form a small separate militia unit for Muskets & Tomahawks for sure.

The miniatures may appear abit taller due to the cast bases but they are also indeed a bit taller from foot to eye compared to the rest of the manufacturers I have in my collection. The faces have deeper set eyes and some of them have sculpted the iris which I always try to remove since I find it makes painting the eyes properly harder. The noses are also more pronounced than miniatures from other manufacturers, though this may again be part of the models being slighly larger.

Now for some comparison pictures

Perry, Redoubt, Conquest/Warlord, Front Rank

Redoubt miniature next to Front Rank miniatures

Redoubt miniature next to Perry miniatures

Redoubt miniature next to Conquest/Warlord miniatures

So, my verdict is that the Redoubt miniatures are very nice models, but you have to be aware that they will mix very poorly with Conquest/Warlord miniatures in particular, not so good with Perry Miniatures and mix the best with Front Rank Figures.

You can still deploy them on the table but just as with any other game where you mix manufacturers it may be for the best if you keep all models from Redoubt isolated and forming their own unit.


  1. Thanks for the very usefull comparisson shots !

  2. Thanks for the review. Must admit for my own FIW collection I don't have any oof the redoubt figures yet, but their Indians look like excellent figures and the hieght difference doesn't bother me.


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