17 March 2013

Swordfysh (Dreadfleet)

After a long break I more or less forced myself to finish the remainder of my Dreadfleet collection, I only had 2 ships and some doodads left to paint (well OK - the terrain needs to get painted as well). So I thought it would be a nice break from the French & Indian War themed content that have dominated the blog recently.

The reason for my long break was that my brushes had become really worn out towards the end of painting the last couple of ships a few months ago. I also grew increasingly frustrated painting the Dreadfleet stuff, I love the models and the end result - but I absolutely hate painting them!

It was also quite stupid of me to leave the Swordfysh for the last, since the ships is quite central in the campaign and basically required to have around in almost every scenario. Funnily enough a friend asked me when we were going to play Dreadfleet again while I was painting this ship, so I hope to get a game soon (just want to paint up the last ship as well which is the Kraken).

If I had an airbrush to paint stuff like the hull and the sails I think it would be a lot less tiresome painting these ships, I could then spend time on the details alone instead of doing dull basecoating in multiple layers on large areas.


  1. Very nice it look superb though, well worth the effort put in.

  2. Very nice, you've done cracking work on these.


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