06 March 2013

Terrain building for Market Garden day at the club

The guys at the club who are going to participate in the upcoming Market Garden firestorm campaign got together this weekend and worked on building some terrain in order to expand the terrain collection at the club.

I myself am not interested in the setting for the campaign so I will not take part in it. After the North Africa campaign last year I can't say that I have any particular interest in expanding into Mid or Late War again. I also have a lot of other non-FoW projects on my table which take up all my painting time so I don't even have time to spare for "throw away" projects like the Afrika Korps I painted last year.

And speaking about FoW in general I enjoy this wonderful shielded bubble of peace that my own September Campaign book provides for me. The core rules and those homegrown lists are enough for me to keep playing FoW, and whatever is going in the FoW community beyond that - with talks about armour values and AT increases, special rules, units becoming worthless or too good - has zero impact on this part of my hobby.

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